Enter Visual Vocabulary

An online tool to help students of English learn new words.

There  is a saying in English,

 "One picture is worth a thousand words."

         As an English tutor, I have found that many dictionaries are hard for my students to understand. We use Quizlet, which is a very helpful website, to make vocabulary lists. That gave me the idea to make Visual Vocabulary. 
      I have made simple definitions for many words and found the best pictures to explain each word. The database program was written by Vance Hunter. It doesn't have all the words in a dictionary, but there are many words that English learners will see in books they read. There is a "Book Search".  If you are reading one of those books, you can select to see a list of words from it and learn them chapter by chapter as you read.
              Susan Baylies
              Founder of Pathway to English
Tutoring a student from South Korea.
Pathway to English